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British actress and former Eastenders star Bunmi Mokekwu has launched her own film production company, BAM FILM PRODUCTIONS.

BAM FILM PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to producing quality entertainment and unforgettable films of the highest quality that inspires, challenges, uplifts and entertains.

Motivated by the issues surrounding the under-representation of black and ethnic minorities, Bam Film Productions is focused on developing cross-cultural films which cater to a wide audience, exploring a range of genres all of which represent a true reflection of society today.

When asked where she hopes to see herself and BAM in 5 years, Bunmi tells The British Blacklist,

I hope by then we would be established and be a great film making/ production company and we’d be making big budget films that are global and well respected and well received. As for myself, I hope to have expanded in my acting career, also there are a few business things I’d like to have launched as well. Overall I just hope in the next 5 years everything is going to the next level according to God’s will and I pray that it is of excellence.