Bunmi Mojekwu first came into international limelight when she played Mercy Olubunmi in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, before then she had also starred in writer Bola Agbaje’s award-winning production Gone Too Far.

Born of Nigerian parents, Bunmi Mojekwu has always been an outspoken woman. A few years ago she addressed the marginalization of dark-skinned women in UK’s entertainment industry where women are not depicted as beautiful or desirable.

She has also waved aside snide remarks by people about the way she looked. In an interview with Voice back in 2011, she shared an inspiring message to black women who feel their skin colour is not good enough and would not take them far;

“I would tell them to talk to themselves and find out what you love most about the person you are,” she says. “That way, if anyone tells you anything you know not to be true, it doesn’t matter. Your skin will not stop you getting a man, a job, or anything in this industry. I’m here so it can be done and the reason why I’m here is not because I’m dark-skinned, it’s because I’m a great actress.”

Beyond black not being depicted as beautiful, there is also the fact that movies made in the UK do not necessarily reflect the country’s ethnically diverse population. Hence there are fewer roles for people of colour. This is where Bunmi Mojekwu’s latest venture fits in. She wants to change...